About Learning Away

Paul Hamlyn Foundation


Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) is one of the UK’s largest independent grant-giving organisations. PHF make grants to organisations which aim to maximise opportunities for individuals to experience a full quality of life, both now and in the future. In particular we are concerned with children and young people, and others who are disadvantaged.

We operate three partly overlapping programmes for our work in the UK: arts, education and learning, and social justice. Each of the three programmes has an open grants scheme focused on particular themes and priorities and also special initiatives through which the Foundation aims to address particular issues in order to make distinctive long-term contributions to improvements in society.

The Foundation’s Education and Learning Programme supports the development and dissemination of new ideas that can make a significant contribution to young people’s learning and achievement.

The Programme has a strong focus on supporting innovation and aims to achieve significant impact across a range of education themes, fostering practice-sharing between and within schools, local authorities and voluntary organisations. We will often support work which others may find challenging or which requires long-term solutions.

Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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