Transforming schools

When residential experiences are integrated with the curriculum, are inclusive, progressive and involve staff and students in planning and following up, the sense of cohesion and of belonging to a community is enhanced throughout the whole school.

This change can impact on the classroom, year group, and school life as a whole. Find out more about how Learning Away has supported developments in school improvement and the sense of school community.  Explore the impact on staff, which plays a crucial part in transforming schools.

Below, school staff involved in Learning Away describe their experiences:

Communities of schools

Learning Away is finding that a sense of cohesion is further enhanced when schools collaborate together in partnerships.

We have evidence from the first phase of the project of how this sense of cohesion can also impact on family and community life, especially in areas where all the schools from a community from Year 1 to Year 13 are involved and working together on their programme of brilliant residentials.


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