Senior leadership and governor support

As with any initiative that schools undertake, senior leadership and governor support for brilliant residentials is crucial; without it schools may develop isolated pockets of good practice but opportunities for whole-school impact will be missed.

Senior leadership support took many forms within the first phase of Learning Away, with schools reporting that the following were particularly helpful:

  • Clear expectations – eventually permeating school policies and recruitment specifications – that all staff will be involved in residential experiences.
  • Leading, or at least visiting, brilliant residentials being run by the school.
  • Ensuring staff have adequate time to plan brilliant residentials, which involve more staff and student input than more traditional residential models.
  • Enabling staff to attend residentials run by the school.
  • Allowing space and time for the profile of brilliant residentials to grow within the school.
  • Allowing space and time for the whole-school curriculum to be informed and developed by the residential experiences of staff and children.
  • Encouraging direct governor involvement in residentials through volunteering.
  • Enabling feedback to governors from staff involved in running brilliant residentials.

In this short filmed interview, Linda Abbott, the Bulwell EAZ Learning Away coordinator, explains why it’s vital to get senior leadership and governor support for progressive residential programmes and how they do it at Bulwell.


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