A wide range of experiences

Residentials are most powerful when they provide a wide variety of bespoke learning activities, creatively designed to meet specific objectives – not only limited to more traditional field studies or adventure activity-based models.

Staff involved in Learning Away have found that the variety of activities was important, particularly for those students who may struggle more academically, as it gives them an opportunity to shine on residentials and change their status within the group.

These bespoke activities need to be integrated with other learning outside the classroom activities (within the school grounds, in the local environment/community beyond the school gates and further afield), as well as with classroom-based learning.

The Learning Away website is packed full with case studies, showing the wide range of residentials delivered by our community of sixty schools, and practical information about how these teachers have worked with centres and other residential providers to co-design and develop residential experiences for (and with) their students.

“There are so many situations on a residential… that children can shine in any way, whether it’s looking after somebody or a physical activity or an artistic activity, that every child has somewhere they can do very well.”

Primary teacher, staff focus group


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