Making the case

We are convinced – by wider research, our evaluation findings and the wealth of on-the-ground experience shared with us by our Learning Away schools, staff and young people – that residentials can be highly worthwhile and impactful ways of teaching and learning.

It is also clear to us that brilliant residentials – inclusive and affordable residential trips that are high-quality, led by teachers, fully integrated into the curriculum, and planned so that learning is embedded and reinforced back in school – can provide extremely powerful learning opportunities for young people of all ages and abilities, as well as having an impact on teachers and schools as a whole.

Here, teachers involved in the Learning Away programme explain why they believe these experiences are vital:

Learning Away’s five years of action research with schools and its independent evaluation have generated significant insights and understanding about how and why residential learning can and does achieve these benefits. We have developed a theory of change that describes the changes that happen to learning through brilliant residential experiences. A diagram of this theory of change can be found here.

As a consequence, we now believe that we understand how to plan, design, deliver and evaluate brilliant residentials, so that their benefits to the curriculum and to learning are maximised.

We are also discovering that residentials do not need to be expensive, and can offer good value for money.

This section outlines in brief the key benefits for learners, staff and schools, and explains why staying away overnight is so important.


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