The first phase of Learning Away provided some funding to: allow the school partnerships time to come to collaborative workshops; fully engage with the evaluation; share their developing programmes with staff across their schools; and contribute more widely to our bank of resources for schools.

Although there was some initial financial support for the direct costs of residentials, by the end of Year 4 of the project all schools were finding ways to sustain their programmes independently, using a range of strategies (including parental saving schemes and pupil premium) to ensure that all students continued to be able to take part.

A key part of sustainability is to make the case that the benefits of brilliant residentials are worth the cost. We have published a series of cost models within our case studies section of the website that describe the different ways that partnership schools in the initial phase of Learning Away developed and funded their programmes.

Affordability is a real challenge. Learning Away has produced a range of resources to help schools provide high-quality affordable residentials for all students.

You can find out more about how the schools were recruited and selected in the About us section of our website.


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