Sharing learning

Learning Away is committed to encouraging and supporting schools to make a significant shift in the number and quality of residential learning experiences they provide for their students.

Making and communicating a case to the sector

Learning Away will continue to test, gather, and document compelling evidence of positive outcomes and impact for young people, teachers and schools and will continue to work in partnership with key organisations and networks to communicate these messages to the wider sector – follow Learning Away on Twitter to keep up to date with what’s happening.

This website is the main route for communicating and sharing the impact evidence, evaluation findings and examples of the new and innovative residential models and processes developed by the 60 Learning Away ‘action research’ schools.

We are also keen to hear from and give a platform to any school or organisation interested in sharing their own exciting residential practice. Contact the Learning Away team to find out more.

Developing, sharing and disseminating tools, resources and CPD materials

Throughout 2015, Learning Away published a growing suite of free resources, planning tools, case studies and CPD materials that reflected the end of its first five-year phase.

During this phase we worked closely with the 60 core schools to design practical ‘pull-off-the-shelf’ resources, grounded in the experience of teachers and other learning professionals and designed to support other schools to develop their own high-quality residentials.

Resources and case studies are available for a wide range of topics including curriculum integration, student leadership, and how to run lower-cost residentials.

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