1: Thank you!

We are very grateful to everyone who put time and materials into creating these resources, and to Julie Mountain, our editor.  The list of Learning Away staff whose input was invaluable for each resource is shown below; additional writing was undertaken by Peter Carne, Chris Loynes and Siân Williams.

Curriculum integration

Bev Beeston; Karen Blackwell; Ronnie Bleach; Louise Edwards; Gwynne Kynaston; Katherine Leyland; Jeff Taylor; Louise Tweedy; Dawn Thompson; Kelly Youngs.

Lower-cost models

Stella Binoy; Karen Blackwell; Janet Dixon; Dominic Meehan; Jack Sloan; Louise Sutton; Tracey West.

Student Leaders

Linda Abbott; Tony McDaid.

Planning Tools

Karen Blackwell; Louise Edwards; Martin Smith; Neil Wilson.


Janet Dixon; Lisa Sproat; Caroline Vernon.

Early Years and Key Stage 1

Sophie Davies; Katie Smith; Gail Ryder Richardson.

Special Needs

Alistair Garrett; John Weaving.


Kate Breeze; Kevin Buchanan; Sue Fisher; Kelly Youngs.