4: Resource library

The Learning Away school partnerships discovered a huge amount about devising, delivering and evaluating residentials of all kinds.

Some of the material they generated is now available in this library of resources and includes activity ideas, links to case studies and downloadable templates to help you plan and deliver brilliant family residentials at your school.

This kit list includes an activity for children to help them decide what they’ll need on their family residential.

Children and young people can use this planning sheet to share their thoughts, hopes and fears about the upcoming family residential.

Some of these resources are ‘generic’ templates, created using source material gathered from all of the Learning Away partnership schools.  You may need to adapt these resources slightly to suit your specific circumstances.

Louise Kelly* and her family were some of the first participants in the SMILE Trust family residentials, and she developed a powerpoint presentation to describe her experiences.

This case study describes the Kelly* family’s residential experience in more detail.

Learn more about the costs involved in using a holiday cottage mid-week. This case study provides cost information about Learning Away residential cost models: Using a holiday cottage mid-week.

Scroll down for a wide range of case studies related to family residentials.

*  Names have been changed