Bulwell EAZ partnership

This seven-school (six primary and their local secondary Academy) partnership in the North of Nottingham have developed a progressive range of low-cost residential experiences in a strong partnership with their local outdoor education service. 

Bulwell EAZ’s Learning Away programme focuses on transition and support as young people move from one learning phase to another, and ensures that all children in Bulwell have the opportunity to go on residentials throughout their school lives.

Bulwell Academy has an Enterprise specialism, which supports a leadership programme enabling young people to be part of the design and delivery of the programme. 

The partnership uses both school and local heritage sites for annual camping residentials, combining staff- and student leader-led activities with specialist input as necessary. 

  • The Wollaton residential is an overnight camp for over 200 Year 2 children in the grounds of Wollaton Hall, an Elizabethan mansion owned by Nottingham City Council, and is a key opportunity for older students to volunteer and take on residential leadership roles.
  • The Academy Camp brings Year 3 and 4 children from two schools together to camp on the Bulwell Academy site overnight, joining in with a range of activities on the school site.
  • The Newstead camp is a two-night residential for Year 5 children (60 at a time from two schools) set in the grounds of Newstead Abbey, an historic house once owned by Lord Byron and now run by Nottingham City Council.  This final residential has a focus on developing skills for transition and making new friendships through joint activities using the Abbey itself and its grounds.

The Bulwell EAZ education improvement partnership has a wider range of priorities including curriculum development around Learning Outside the Classroom, to which its Learning Away residentials programme is a key contributor.

“It’s not always the big ‘wow factor’ things that children see as really important … it’s about finding activities that are low cost and that everybody can do.”

Bulwell EAZ and Learning Away Coordinator