Hanover Primary School

This north London primary school takes Year 6 away for a week on a ‘back to basics’ residential, where the focus is on living and working together as a community.

As well as taking part in staff-run camp-based activities, the children play a central role in every aspect of camp life.  They cook all their meals on fires, build their own structures and dens, and learn to chop and whittle wood. Staff, children and volunteers sing songs, roast marshmallows round the campfire and learn to exist in a way that is radically different to their normal lives.

The aim of the residential is to develop long-term skills in understanding others, communication skills and valuing community involvement. It also aims to develop the school’s practice in working with children with educational and behavioural disorders.

“We learn to appreciate what we have at home, bonding with people we don’t know so well and how to survive in the middle of nowhere.”

Year 6 student, Hanover Primary School

Hanover builds its camp on a site in Epping Forest, at Debden House. The site is close to London, and staff and students travel there on the tube, minimising the cost and time of travelling.

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