Twickenham and Goonhavern Primary School Partnership

These two primary schools run an exchange programme designed to extend children’s awareness of different landscapes and cultures.

A mixed group of Year 5 and 6 students visit each other’s schools and communities, moving between rural, coastal Cornwall and multicultural, urban Birmingham.

Local visits and activities have a focus on citizenship and identity, and engage children with different cultures and ways of living to their own. Activities are designed to explore and raise their aspirations, and to develop their confidence.

In designing their residential programme, staff from the two schools identified that, despite many obvious differences, the children’s needs were often similar. These included living in relatively isolated communities and having very limited understanding of the world around them and its opportunities. Close collaboration with the host school helps to address this by building new, longer lasting relationships with local people.

“I feel a lot more comfortable now that I’ve been [to Birmingham].”

Year 6 student, Goonhavern Primary School, Twickenham and Goonhavern Primary School Partnership