We are excited to announce that a new set of “Brilliant Residentials” CPD materials will be available in both face-to-face and online versions for school staff and senior leaders later in 2018.

We are in the final stages of piloting the materials – feedback has been great – and the finishing touches are now being applied.

The aim of the materials is to promote a wide understanding of the unique nature and potential of residentials by exploring and sharing what Learning Away has learned so far.

The materials will complement our website and are designed to be delivered using participatory, interactive teaching and learning strategies. They draw on the real-life experiences and learning of schools we have worked with extensively through the initial action research project, and include numerous opportunities for reflection and planning.

CPD strands and versions

There are two strands of the CPD materials: one for school senior leaders and governors and another for school staff (with the suggested inclusion of senior leaders and governors in the final module).

There are also two versions of the CPD materials.  One version is a set of materials designed to be delivered face-to-face by a facilitator.  The other is an e-learning version that will be available on the Learning Away website, which participants can follow at their own pace.

The strands are organised as follows:

School Senior Leaders and Governors

Module titleDescriptionMax. length*
Introductory briefingThis is an introductory module for senior leaders and governors (and non-school staff who are interested in Learning Away).  It includes sections covering:

·  An introduction to Learning Away

·  Setting the context for Learning Away

·  Impacts and benefits of Learning Away

·  Why residentials bring these impacts and benefits

·  Features of Brilliant Residentials

·  Recommendations for schools: making Brilliant Residentials happen

·  Signposting for next steps

The face-to-face version of this module is ideal for use in a school senior leadership team meeting or any gathering of senior leaders/governors/non-school staff with an interest in Brilliant Residentials.

30 minutes
In-depth briefingThis module follows the same format as the introductory briefing module above, with the addition of reflective questions and time for discussion.  It is designed for senior staff who wish to explore Brilliant Residentials in more detail with a view to changing or deepening their school practice around residentials.110 minutes

School Staff

There are six modules for school staff, with opportunities for discussion, reflection and group work interspersed throughout each module.  If delivered face to face, Modules 1-5 are designed to take place over the equivalent of: one whole INSET day; two half-days; three two-hour twilight sessions; or five (roughly) 75-minute staff meetings.  We have built in a time gap between Modules 5 and 6 to enable participants to plan and deliver their own Brilliant Residential.

Modules 3 and 4 include an element of choice.  Module 3a is for staff with limited prior experience of planning; Module 3b is for those with significant prior experience of planning.  Module 4 has choices for primary staff (Module 4a), secondary staff (Module 4b) or – for the face-to-face version only – staff working across phases in one training group (Module 4c).

Module titleDescriptionMax. length*
Module 1: Introduction to Brilliant Residentials: impacts, benefits and evidence·  Introduction to Learning Away

·  Setting the context of Learning Away

·  The evidence: impacts and benefits


75 minutes
Module 2: Why are residentials brilliant?·  What is it about residentials that means they bring impacts and benefits that day trips do not?

·  Why do residentials bring these impacts and benefits?

·  What is a ‘Brilliant Residential’?

·  How do Brilliant Residentials relate to your context?

·  Key challenges and how to overcome them

80 minutes
Module 3a: Planning a Brilliant ResidentialModule 3A is for staff with limited planning experience.

·  Introduction to the Learning Away planning model in stages

·  Creating a simple plan for a residential

·  Creating a more detailed plan for a Brilliant Residential

65 minutes
Module 3b: Planning a Brilliant ResidentialModule 3B is for staff with significant planning experience.

·  Introduction to the Learning Away planning model

·  Creating a detailed plan for a Brilliant Residential

55 minutes
Module 4a: Making Brilliant Residentials happen (primary)·  Getting started: the big picture

·  Main practicalities

·  Safety: risk/benefit

·  Exploring other practicalities (scenario activity)

·  Advice, help and guidance

75 minutes
Module 4b: Making Brilliant Residentials happen (secondary)·  Types of residentials in your school

·  Secondary school Brilliant Residentials

·  Exploring practicalities through case studies

·  Safety: risk/benefit

·  Progressive residentials

·  Advice, help and guidance

70 mintes
Module 4c: Making Brilliant Residentials happen (cross-phase)·  Types of residentials in your school

·  Main practicalities

·  Safety: risk/benefit

·  Progressive residentials

·  Exploring other practicalities (scenario activity)

·  Advice, help and guidance

65 minutes
Module 5: Evaluating Brilliant Residentials·  The importance of evaluating Brilliant Residentials

·  How to evaluate Brilliant Residentials: introducing the Evaluation Toolkit

60 minutes
Module 6: Maximising the impact of Brilliant Residentials·  Learning from each others’ Brilliant Residentials

·  Embedding Brilliant Residentials into school culture: why and how

·  Specialist areas for building next practice

·  Final reflections: what next?


105 minutes (can be cut easily to 75 minutes)


Course Delivery

Face-to-face: We have a group of skilled CPD facilitators with experience of residentials who who are registered to provide the face-to-face version of the training.  These great facilitators are located across the country.  Further information about our registered facilitators will be available when the CPD area of the website launches in spring.

Online: The e-learning modules will be available through a new e-learning section of the Learning Away website. Once you have registered you will be able to log in and out giving you the flexibility to complete the CPD in sections.


Face-to-face: Our registered facilitators fees vary. You will be able to contact facilitators directly when the CPD web pages launch, in the mean time you can express your interest to learningaway@lotc.org.uk

Online: The first module will be free of charge. A nominal fee will be charged for the modules 2 – 6.


To express your interest, or ask any questions please contact learningaway@lotc.org.uk or call 07834167648.