The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is delighted to welcome Justine Lee as its Communications & Fundraising Manager. Justine will also be supporting the Learning Away Consortium as Kim Somerville is now interim head of the CLOtC. Kim will continue to be lead member for the Consortium.

As well as several decades’ worth of experience in marketing, communications and fundraising, Justine is a passionate supporter of learning outside the classroom.

“Learning outside the classroom, particularly residential experiences, shaped my life when I was young. They opened doors to me and took me to places that I never would have dreamed – I taught sailing in America and Australia on the back of experience I got on a school sailing residential, I worked with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Western Australia and the UK thanks to getting involved with the Award when I was 14…I could go on.

“I am now waving my own children off on their residential experiences, my eldest is just back from four days in Sussex and my youngest is heading off on her first school residential, camping on a dairy farm, apparently they’ll need to be up at 5am to help milk the cows!

“The excitement they feel, the skills they learn, the confidence and independence they’ll gain, the challenges they’ll face and overcome, these are all the reasons why I believe it is so important for children to have these opportunities. I am very much looking forward to helping more schools start or expand their own learning away programmes.”