Key Features

An active PTA committed to the residential as part of the school calendar
Valuing the educational benefits more than the financial contribution
Valuing school community benefits more than the financial contribution

FROGS (Friends of Goonhavern School) is an active parent/teacher association which raises approximately £4,000 per year of which £1,000 supports the children of low income families to attend the learning away residential. In addition they work with the pupils in Year 5 to raise funds for their residential in Year 6. The benefits of this are not the small amounts of money raised but the involvement of the children and parents in planning for the residential and the educational benefits of the fundraising activities themselves.

How it works

Members of FROGS meet with the Year 5 cohort at the beginning of the summer term. The children brainstorm fundraising ideas and the favourites are chosen as projects for the rest of the summer term. The parents and children together organise and run the fundraising activities. Examples include:

  • Car washes
  • Plant sales
  • Sponsored bounces
  • Cake sales

This raises up to £500 towards the residential. This fundraising is now an annual commitment that is not only built into the curriculum but also the FROGS fundraising policy and calendar.

Benefits of this approach

  • To the parents who are actively involved in the planning and preparation for the residential (leads to significant parent buy in and commitment).
  • To the children who are working together, involving them in the preparation for the residential so it means more to them, giving them a sense of pride and enabling them to develop the skills of team work and enterprise.