Key Features

Developing transition skills
Low cost, partnership approach
Co-constructed with pupils

The Walney partnership of Learning Away schools has developed its own brand of transition residentials co-constructed beforehand between pupils and staff. To keep costs low and engagement high they use a site owned by one of schools and have bought their own camping equipment. Over the years the schools involved have skilled up their own staff to run the camps. This approach has enabled them to include more primary schools in these transition residentials each year. This visual case study tells the story of their June 2011 ‘Camp Junior 2 Senior’ residential.

Look out in particular for the beads that the pupils create during the residential to mark the achievement of specific ‘transition skills’ e.g. confidence, responsibility, bravery. Different coloured beads are awarded when those transition skills (chosen by the pupils during the initial co-construction workshops) are shown. These can be awarded by both pupils and teachers.

Case Study Walney Transition Residential from Learning Away