Key Features

Innovative film making residential
Developing literacy, technology and social skills
Schools working together to optimise benefits and lower costs

This case study uses a photo slideshow and voice-over to describe the the Pilot Partnership’s innovative third residential in their progressive Learning Away programme.

The residential uses script writing and film making as the vehicle with which to integrate with the curriculum a three-day self-organised and self-catered residential at Willesley Scout Camp.

Over two weeks all the schools in the partnership make a film during their residential with participants writing the scripts, taking acting roles as well as being directors, camera operators, etc. The programme culminates in an ‘Oscar’ ceremony to choose the best film.

By bringing two schools together on each residential, the organisers are able to make best use of the specialist educational film makers, as each school takes it in turn to shoot footage and take part in the  on-site adventure activities. This leads to great transition outcomes for the Year 6 pupils, as well as great gains in literacy, technology and social skills. Watch the presentation to find out more.