The key documents they developed are available in this library of learning resources, which also includes links to case studies and downloadable templates.



These planning resources have been created using source material gathered from all of the Learning Away partnership schools.

A wide range of templates, tick lists and sample documents addressing the logistics of delivering residentials can be found in the Curriculum Integration resource library.


The Learning Away schools have produced a number of worked examples to help explain how you approach planning in this way. You can download examples of completed templates here and here, or preview them further down this page.

Canterbury Academy has also produced a detailed example that follows their thinking step-by-step.

Further reading

You can learn more about theory of change online using the search term ‘theory of change’. The Learning Away partnerships found the following websites and articles useful.

  • The Charities Evaluation Service publishes a useful guide to using a ‘theory of change’ approach to planning and evaluation. Visit their website to download the guide.
  • Kaz Stuart’s paper on Developing a theory of change includes flow diagrams, explanations and challenges related to a theory of change approach to residential planning.
  • The Institute for Research and Reform in Education: You Can Get There From Here – an article discussing how a theory of change approach to planning can and has been used to support educational interventions in US district.
  • The Center for Theory of Change is a non-profit organisation established to promote quality standards and best practice for the development and implementation of theory of change, with a particular focus on its use and application in the areas of international development, sustainability, education, human rights and social change.

Case studies

Preview or download the ‘planner’ for Bulwell EAZ’s KS2-3 academy camp.

Preview or download the planner for Canterbury High School’s GCSE attainment camp.

For more related case studies, scroll to the bottom of this page.