Here are six benefits of taking students’ on winter residentials supported by the evidence collected through the Learning Away programme.


Benefit 1: Boost resilience and wellbeing

Residentials improve students’ resilience, self-confidence and wellbeing. Students are more willing to try something new and ask for help, push themselves and participate in class.  Imagine teaching a class with more self-belief for the rest of the school year after going on a winter residential.

87% of secondary students felt more confident to try new things after a residential

Benefit 2: Increase engagement with learning

Residentials improve students’ engagement with learning, including positive changes in behaviour and attendance.  Going on a winter residential will give them a passion for learning which can live on throughout the year.

72% of primary pupils said that their behaviour at school is better after a residential and 71% of secondary pupils felt more strongly motivated to learn

Benefit 3: Embed learning back in school

Going on winter residentials allows time for learning and development to be embedded back in school.  We know residentials have a long term impact on students’ progress and attainment when followed up on their return to school.

77% of pupils said the way they were taught on the residential will help them do better in the subject in question

Benefit 4: Foster deeper relationships

Residentials foster deeper relationships which are sustained back in school. The sooner a teacher gets to know their pupils, the sooner they can ‘set them up for success’. Winter residentials allow relationships between staff and students to become more trusting and respectful back in the classroom. Students get to know teachers as individuals; staff gain a better understanding of their students and how to respond to them.

79% of primary pupils said they know their teacher better as a result of their residential and 84% of secondary students said they get on better with others in their class

Benefit 5: Discover new learning opportunities

The longer nights and shorter days offer new learning opportunities on an outdoor residential. Try out star gazing, or a torch walk.  The beginning of the school year is also a great time of year to kick start key subjects with inspiring hands on learning indoors. Read our top tips on the next page for more ideas.

Benefit 6: Greater return on investment

Winter residentials can also be more affordable giving schools the benefit of a greater return on investment. Why not have a sleep-over in the school hall or within the school grounds to keep costs low?  Many residential providers have reduced rates or offer discounts over the winter period. Take a look at our free resources for lower-cost models here.

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