Winter residentials offer a range of new learning opportunities, read on for some ideas and top tips.

The longer nights and shorter days offer new learning opportunities on an outdoor residential

  • Try out astronomy
  • Take a night walk or a night time ‘safari’ through woods
  • Go exploring in the dark
  • Create ghost stories (without staying up too late for the dark)
  • Learn winter bush craft survival
  • Develop blindfolded autumn or winter sensory trails
  • Create your own Winter Olympics, this could be low-cost on a dry ski slope or on roller skates!

The beginning of the school year is also a great time of year to kick start key subjects with inspiring hands on learning indoors on a winter residential:

  • Explore art galleries and museums
  • Experience historical re-enactments
  • Learn about local traditions on city tours
  • Consider the range of multi-cultural festivals and celebrations: Diwali; Christmas; Hanukkah; Chinese New Year
  • Bring science to life and discuss the changing seasons, the reason it snows, why we have floods or how ice is formed
  • Try a mindfulness retreat

Exhilarating winter weather

We can’t guarantee the weather in the UK at any time of year. Bad weather is no bad thing on a residential. Wind, rain and snow are exciting, if dealt with in the correct way.  Wild weather builds character.  There is a greater sense of achievement and more positive relationships developed between staff and students when you battle the weather together. Why not partner with local schools and invest in some waterproof clothing?  If you are using a residential provider, ask them if they have winter outdoor clothing for your students and for the teachers too.

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