Study confirms transformational impact of residentials on pupils

A new study confirms the profound and transformative impact that residential experiences can have on pupils. Findings also conclude that this impact is significantly greater for ‘vulnerable’ pupils. This new study undertaken by University of Cumbria found that residential experiences had a positive impact on pupil’s progress and that residential’s sustained attainment amongst ‘vulnerable’ students […]

Team changes

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is delighted to welcome Justine Lee as its Communications & Fundraising Manager. Justine will also be supporting the Learning Away Consortium as Kim Somerville is now interim head of the CLOtC. Kim will continue to be lead member for the Consortium. As well as several decades’ worth of […]

New chair for Learning Away Consortium

Asa Gurden, head of Scout Adventures, has been elected to succeed Joe Lynch as chair of the Learning Away Consortium. Scout Adventures is a long-standing member of the Consortium and Asa is a passionate supporter of the Brilliant Residentials campaign. “We at Scout Adventures feel that this campaign is so important because we believe all […]

Brilliant Residentials CPD for schools – arriving later in 2018

We are excited to announce that a new set of “Brilliant Residentials” CPD materials will be available in both face-to-face and online versions for school staff and senior leaders later in 2018. We are in the final stages of piloting the materials – feedback has been great – and the finishing touches are now being […]

Learning Away Consortium Member Vacancies (Voluntary Roles)

Could you help the Learning Away Consortium achieve its vision to improve outcomes for children and young people, by ensuring every child has access to and benefits from high quality residential learning experiences? Do you have knowledge, experience and access to networks in relation to residential learning experiences in one of the following settings: arts […]

Do Brilliant Residential experiences make an impact on attainment in Year 6?

With the expertise of researchers from the University of Cumbria and the support of the Brathay Trust, Learning Away are embarking on a small scale comparative study with the aim of investigating to what extent residential experiences impact on progress and attainment in final year (Year 6) primary school pupils. The research will compare the progress […]

Free ‘Brilliant Residentials’ e-learning for schools

Would your school like some free e-learning INSET about Brilliant Residentials in January and February 2018? If so you could help us pilot an exciting new suite of CPD materials in January. The materials will complement the existing Learning Away website and are designed to be delivered using participatory, interactive teaching and learning strategies. They […]

5 reasons school staff should say ‘yes’ to taking part in a residential

It’s easy to see the benefits of residentials for your students, but what is in it for the teachers and support staff involved? You may be thinking that dealing with your students’ travel sickness, sleep walking or leaking shower gel is not the career high you are looking for, but residentials have been proven to […]

New Learning Away study ‘The state of school residentials in England: 2017’

A new study examining ‘the state of school residentials in England: 2017’ has been released this week by Learning Away.  The study, which assesses the quantity and quality of residentials currently delivered in schools, is the first of its kind in England. Based on analysis of data from tens of thousands of schools and educational […]

Learning Away Consortium Member Vacancy (Voluntary Role)

Could you help the Learning Away consortium achieve its vision for more children and young people in schools to experience high-quality residentials and the life changing experiences they offer? Learning Away started life as a Paul Hamlyn Foundation special initiative in 2009. Since then we have worked closely with 60 primary, secondary and special schools […]