The benefits of winter residentials

The #WinterResidentials campaign raises awareness about the benefits of residentials for schools in the winter months, encouraging schools to provide more residential experiences for children and young people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

The campaign is an extension to the #BrilliantResidentials campaign which disseminates the compelling findings of the Learning Away programme, which has produced overwhelming evidence about the numerous positive impacts a residential experience can have on pupils, staff and the wider school community.

Watch, use and share this short film to learn about the brilliant benefits of #WinterResidentials.

Join us, join in

Through extensive action research, Learning Away has gathered profound evidence that shows that school residentials have a transformative impact on everyone involved.

We believe the transformation is greater the sooner a residential takes place in the school year. Yet residentials in schools are more likely to take place in the summer term, just as the teacher is saying goodbye to their class.

The campaign pack contained on this page is designed to help you share with schools the benefits of providing winter residentials. Wherever you are, whoever you are, use the tools on this page to encourage schools to plan more residentials in the winter months.

Campaign Pack

The campaign pack contains, guidelines, materials and templates to save you time and help you promote the benefits of #WinterResidentials. Click on the items below to download the material.

Campaign film – a short (1 min 45 secs) film which shares the compelling reasons for planning a residential in the winter months.

Infographic Winter Residentials (High Res) – an infographic for you to share which outlines the 6 key benefits of taking a school on a winter residential.

Infographic Winter Residentials (Low Res) – same as the infographic above but lower resolution which you might need sometimes when sharing.

Social graphics

Six handy graphics outlining each of the benefits for you to use in presentations or post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or whatever you use to connect with your schools.

Social Graphics Winter Residentials (High Res) – Download and save this zip file of six graphics in high resolution, better to use these when you need them to be on a large scale (such as a PowerPoint presentation).

Social Graphics Winter Residentials (Low Res)–  Download this and save this second zip file of the same six graphics in lower resolution, better to use these when you need to upload them to websites.

Tweet Sheet – Winter Residentials – suggested tweets to make it quicker for you to spread the #WinterResidentials messages in 160 characters.

Remember to use the hashtags #WinterResidentials and #BrilliantResidentials and mention @LearningAway on Twitter or @WeareLearningAway on Facebook to get your posts shared.

Media Release – #WinterResidentials campaign launched – use this media release about the Winter Residentials campaign in your newsletters and bulletins or amend to share with your local media.

Supporting text – Winter Residentials – use this example text on your website, newsletters, brochures etc to share the benefits of winter residentials.

Brand guidelines – Brilliant Residentials  – a guide to how to use the Brilliant Residentials branding, please read this before using the logo.

Logos – Brilliant Residentials – a zip file of the Brilliant Residentials logos in various formats – put it on your website, add it to your email signature, put it on your uniform, add it to your signs, there are no limits!


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